Monday, January 19, 2009

Small about me I guess

I love to crochet. I have done so many scarfs and hats now, I dont think my family will ever run out. Only thing I want to find more things for is for my son, there are so many girly things to make, but it seems like the boys get the short end of the stick sometimes. Ive made my daughter a poncho, 2 hats, scarf and so on, so far my son has gotten a frog, and a hat. Im going to have to make up more stuffed animal things to make up for the fashion end not being there for him I guess. Im not that experienced yet with crochet, but I am working my way up there, my next big project will most likely be sweaters, after I have gotten more comfortable with different stitches I am still learning.


  1. I made my son some wrist bands kinda like a sweat band. He LOVED them. I also made him a sweater scarf and hat. This sweater is easy to use. I have made 2 so far and have started one for me.

    Just thought I would send you an easy pattern and a few suggestions for your son :D I know how hard it is to find stuff for boys.

    Hope this helps you out a little bit :D

  2. Hacky Sacks are good

    Backpack for toys (I made a little one that fits a beanie baby or small toy)(one in camo and one in hunter green)

    For my older son, a bookmark for his books. The Crochet Dude has a nice one called the Gingko Bookmark

    You might find more ideas at
    and lots of free patterns here: